/ Letter To the Members of “Russia 2045”


Dear friends and colleagues!

I would like to thank everyone for accepting its ideals and for supporting the objectives and values of our movement


The feedback from the media on the publication of the Movement’s Manifesto has shown that the world has slightly changed since we started talking about what was previously considered fantasy; what had seemed too impossible to even discuss: immortality, the artificial body, the creation of a super-human of the future.


The first step has been taken; the Movement has declared itself, created a website, published the Manifesto, sent a letter to the President of Russia, and sent an invitation to cooperate to experienced scientists and experts. But of course, we will not stop there and will continue moving forward.

We need to start real work to implement all these ideas that we have stated in the Manifesto: immortality, the artificial body, the extraordinary human of the future, the multi-body, and the expansion of mankind into space.

Our project can and should become the new national idea in Russia of the XXI century, and the global idea for all of humanity. It will help advance the civilization of the future, to life with no death. This is our dream and our raison d’etre, and we dedicate all our time and energy to this goal. We hope now it is your dream too. And we look forward to your feasible support: from participation in research or writing scientific articles in support of the project, to funding, establishing supporting structures or the spreading of the ideology of the movement. To achieve the objectives stated in the “Russia 2045” movement’s Manifesto, myself, the initiator of the creation of the Movement, together with my colleagues plan to form the following structures and to approve the following documents.


-       Approval of the Board of Technical Experts;

-       Approval of the Ethics Council;

-       Approval of the Managing Board of the “Russia 2045” movement.



-       Approval of an Ideological program for the Movement;

-       Approval and registration of the movement’s Charter;

-       Approval of the Strategic Work and Development program of the “Russia 2045” movement for the years 2011-2035;

-       The registration of the proprietary Immortality Corporation which will work directly on the Artificial Body Project. This project will require help of all the interested volunteers.


Everyone will find a task in accordance with her or his interests.

We need:

-       A mediagroup (magazines, newspapers, TV, websites, radio, movements) for promotion of the ideas of the Movement);

-       Managers (management, promotion, implementation of the landmark objectives of the project);

-       An advertising group (installations, expositions, project advertising);

-       A group of the Movement’s website admins (moderators, web-designers, programmers);

-       A Fundraising group;

-       A PR and press group (press secretaries);

-       Lawyers (agreements, structure registration, legal support);

-                    Economists-consultants

About the Movement’s Format

The Movement will be represented by several organizational forms at the same time:

-        A joint-stock company;

-        A non-profit partnership;

-        An ideological social network (Internet movement);

-        A research and development center.

Planned monthly events of the Movement

To improve efficiency:

-        to hold working conferences - live ones or via Skype -  starting from April 2011.

-        to organize seminars which will give overviews of technology and will set out the ideology of the Movement

-        to publish reports about the Movement’s work.

Ideological subgroups of the Movement

Despite the fact that the creation of an artificial body is first of all a technological, scientific project; I realize that we are bound to search for many answers related to philosophy, ethics, morality and religion. We should help society develop a new paradigm for existence, new ethics and perhaps even new psychology, philosophy, and culture to stand the probable “shock of the future” caused by the transition to artificial mind carriers.

Given the large variety of opinions and views of those who join the Movement one way or another, the Board decided to create three factions within the Movement:

-        atheistic,

-        religious,

-        in-between.

Each faction can bring favor to the Movement, provided that it does not impose its views to the members of other factions, and respects the views of others and, most importantly, shares the proclaimed values, goals and objectives of the Movement.

The purpose of this factionalism is mutual cultural and intellectual enrichment, search for common approaches, development of a new paradigm of relations between science, philosophy and religion. If you want to cooperate with us and participate in the project realization - send your resumes, suggest your ideas, develop your plans, create your groups in the frames of the project, the Manifesto, the goals and the ideology of the Movement.

Best wishes!

Dmitry Itskov, initiator of the creation of the “Russia 2045”.

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