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Professor Boris K.
Ph.D. in Medicine, Head of the Cells and Tissues Growth Laboratory of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics (Russian Academy of Sciences)

“For skin on a cyborg, you simply need to create a nutrition system. And basically . . . we are not really complex in design! There are only a few systems: the circulatory system carries oxygen and nutrients; the excretory system extirpates the waste. The rest is end-effectors. To begin we can create a very simple living organism—then, later, more complex systems. . . .”

Researcher, fiction and alternate history theorist. Is a literary critic and political essayist, sociologist, socionics specialist and military historian

"Project 2045 also requires enormous engineering support. And I would claim that both for Russia and for the entire world, the only possibility of overcoming the phase barrier is not to solve biological tasks, not biotechnology, but to solve the task for maintaining engineering for the critical period of 20 years".

Dmitry V.

“Art is a unique resource for fostering the creation of innovations. Only in the world of art creative power is so closely tied to the generation of ideas and to the humanization of technology . . .”

PhD, Professor of Oxford University, co-founder (with David Pearce) of the World Transhumanist Association

"The digital path [of extreme longevity] would be, if we could develop technology eventually to do human whole brain emulation, where we would create a very detailed model of a particular human brain and then emulate that in the computer, where we would have an indefinite life span potential, we could make backup copies and so forth..."

Researcher, science debater, futurist, transhumanist, and author

"... I certainly think that practical benefits of being able to live for ever, if I transmit myself digitally, I will be able to run on bodies which are not biological or enhanced biological and be able to backup copies in case, if something goes wrong, would be enormous. So, I think, that in the future I am hoping to be software..."

Sergei V.
Doctor of philosophy, professor

One temporary solution, in my opinion, is to create a “cosmic person”, and start doing so on Earth, within the “future person” project, as part of the “Russia 2045” Initiative.

Witali L.
Doctor of physics and mathematics, Head of the Department of Neuroinformatics at the Center for Optical Neural Technologies of the Scientific Research Institute for System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences

' If the job is to be taken seriously, we can get a detailed model of a brain prototype within five years or so. And since many research areas concerned with the subject develop in parallel, it may well be that we can achieve these results even faster...'

Professor Sergey V.
Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Head of Biomedical Systems Department at Moscow State Institute of Electronic Technology, Chief Editor of ‘Medical Technology’ Magazine

Professor Vyacheslav Y.
Ph.D. in Biology, Inventor of the "Bioartificial liver" device

‘The whole trend of science development shows: the impossible becomes possible. Who could imagine that artificial arms and legs would start to move according to the influence of nerve impulses? Science is advancing at exponential rates...’

Viktor Yurievich
Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Researcher of the V.I.Il`ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute (Russian Academy of Sciences), composer, philosopher

“I think that before initiating a radical cyborgization of the brain, you have to find the neural correlate of consciousness. Does it have a physical or purely informational nature in the form of neurosignals? Is there a group of neurons that is directly responsible for consciousness? Or perhaps consciousness is produced by still smaller elements within neurons. . . .”

Alexander A.
Professor, head of the laboratory in the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology RAS

‘The problem of creating artificial memory devices capable of storing the natural memory of a given individual is, understandably, complex but by no means unsolvable...’

Viktor F.
Correspondent member of RAS, professor of the Moscow State University, head of the laboratory “Psychology of communications and psychosemantics” (MSU)

"I think that as a working hypothesis, it is possible that forms of contacts with highly advanced civilizations are possible as a result of this profound meditation..."

Mikhail Y.
Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Researcher of the Heat-Resistant Thermoplastics Laboratory at ISPM (Russian Academy of Sciences), creator of nanosensor neurologic ‘Electronic nose’ system

‘When creating an artificial human, we need to add an emotional trend to the predominant robotics one. It’s an all-inclusive idea, and it’s in the air...’

Professor Vladimir G.
Ph.D., Head of the Auto-wave Processes Group, Laboratory Chief at the Institute of Applied Physics (Russian Academy of Sciences)

Dmitry A.
President of the Center for Cellular and Biomedical Technologies, First Moscow Medical University and expert on the conscious management of health, biotherapy and the prevention of aging

‘The body gradually becomes artificial; new tissues replace existing ones, and new media, somehow extending the limits of our body, are being invented. Of course, man and technology are being knitted together. Step by step, we are moving towards the formation of a cybernetic organism...’

Vladimir A.
President of Neyrobotiks

‘The transfer of the brain into an artificial body, more enduring, more perfect, is the only way the human race to stay on Earth...’

Lev Alexandrovich

The first step toward achieving human immortality is to create a neurally controlled avatar—a humanoid robot with a human-like skeleton and a set of artificial muscles and sensors.

Professor Alexander Y.
Ph.D. in Biology, Head of the Neurophysiology and Neural Interfaces Lab at the Russian State University Biology Department (MGU)

‘By the time sustaining a brain artificially becomes possible, bio-robots will have been perfected to the point of looking like a decent human body...’

Total: 32

International Manifesto of the "2045" Strategic Social Initiative

Mankind has turned into a consumer society standing at the edge of a total loss of the conceptual guidelines necessary for further evolution. The majority of people are almost exclusively absorbed  in merely maintaining their own comfortable lives.

Modern civilization, with its space stations, nuclear submarines, iPhones and Segways cannot save mankind from the limitations in the physical abilities of our bodies, nor from diseases and death.

We are not satisfied with modern achievements of scientific and technical progress. Science working for the satisfaction of consumer needs will not be able to ensure a technological breakthrough towards a radically different way of life.

We believe that the world needs a different ideological paradigm. Within its framework it is necessary to form a major objective  capable of pointing out a new direction for the development of all mankind and ensuring the achievement of a scientific and technical revolution.

The new ideology should assert, as one of its priorities, the necessity of using breakthrough technology for an improvement of man himself and not only of his environment.

We believe that it is possible and necessary to eliminate aging and even death, and to overcome the fundamental limits of the physical and mental capabilities currently set by the restrictions of the physical body.

Scientists from various countries in the world are already developing technology that ensures the creation of an artificial human body prototype within the next decade. We believe the biggest technological project of our times will become the creation of such artificial human body and a subsequent transfer of individual human consciousness to such a body.

Implementation of this technological project will inevitably result in an explosive development of innovations and global changes in our civilization  and will improve human life.

We believe that before 2045 an artificial body will be created that will not only surpass the existing body in terms of functionality, but will achieve perfection of form and be no less attractive than the human body. People will make independent decisions about the extension of their lives and the possibilities for personal development in a new body after the resources of the biological body have been exhausted.

The new human being will receive a huge range of abilities and will be capable of withstanding extreme external conditions easily: high temperatures, pressure, radiation, lack of oxygen, etc. Using a neural-interface humans will be able to operate several bodies of various forms and sizes remotely.

We suggest the implementation of not just a mechanistic project to create an artificial body, but a whole system of views, values and technology which will render assistance to humankind in intellectual, moral, physical, mental and spiritual development.

We invite all interested specialists: scientists, politicians, mass media personalities, philosophers, futurologists and businessmen to join the "2045" strategic social initiative. We welcome all who share our vision of the future and are ready to make the next jump.


The main objectives of our movement are:

1. To achieve the support of the International community and create conditions for international co-operation of interested specialists around the "2045" Initiative.  

2. To create an international research center for cybernetic immortality to advance practical implementations of the main technical project – the creation of the artificial body and the preparation for subsequent transfer of individual human consciousness to such a body.
3. To engage experts in the selection and support of the most interesting projects in the quest to ensure technological breakthroughs.

4. To support innovative industries and create special scientific education programs for schools and institutes of higher education.

5. To create educational programs for television, radio and internet, to hold forums, conferences, congresses and exhibitions, and to establish awards and produce books, movies and computer games with the view of raising the profile of the initiative and spreading its ideas.

6. To form a culture connected with the ideology of the future, promoting technical progress, artificial intellect, “multi-body”, immortality, and cyborgization.

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